60 Minute Dream Job Resume & Personal Story Course

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60 Minute Dream Job Resume & Personal Story Course
Lessons from a successful strategy consultant who has “walked the walk” on landing your dream job and telling your story

What you’ll learn

Write a resume that will “wow” recruiters
Be confident about your personal story
Understand the elements of a “top 1%” resume
Know the difference between a good “bullet” and a great one
Have the tools to compete with the best in the world for your dream job

Students should have a basic resume built and have it handy to improve
Students should have a “target” job or career in mind they want to pursue
I’m an experienced strategy consultant and career coach. I’ve been lucky to have worked for some of the best companies in the world like Boston Consulting Group and GE and graduated with multiple masters programs from MIT. I love taking what I’ve learned learned in my career and helping others land their dream jobs.

I created this course after working with people to help them them land jobs at companies like Google, McKinsey and Company and even the White House and also helping people get into schools like MIT and Harvard.

This course is more than just a resume course. When you complete this course, you will be able to

Position yourself to land interviews at top companies
Have confidence in your story
and be able to communicate to others what you are unqiquely good at
I’m excited to work with you. Enroll and lets get started

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