CSS Selector & XPath Masterclass

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CSS Selector & XPath Masterclass
Master All The Techniques To Select Web Elements With CSS Selectors & XPath

What you’ll learn

  • Select web elements using CSS Tag name/Type, Class, Id and Attribute-Value selectors.
  • Write XPath Expressions to select web elements based on their structure and tag name
  • Use CSS Operators like Starts-with, Ends-with and Contains to select attribute values dynamically.
  • Select web elements using XPath Attribute-Value selectors
  • Select web elements using CSS Parent, Child, Descendant & Sibling selectors.
  • Build XPath Conditions using different operators to create logical selectors
  • Use Special CSS selectors like not( ), nth-child( ), etc. to create efficient selectors.
  • Use XPath Functions to query attribute values (starts-with( ), contains( ), etc. a specific value), select innerText, and use value processor functions.


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