First Steps in Java

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First Steps in Java
Get a good grasp on the basics of Java programming language: topics ranging from basic syntax to database operations

What you’ll learn

Understand the basics of Java
Can handle MySQL database related operations

You should be able to use a PC at a beginner level
Internet connection


This course is designed for students or anyone else who want to start Java as a programming language. We will consider several topics ranging from installing Java itself to MySQL database operations. The first chapter will be about the basics: loops, decision making, variables and so on. The next chapters will be about exception handling as well as how to deal with input/output operations. Of course, we will consider the object orinted principles: inheritance, polymorphism and encapsulation as well. The last chapter will be about how to connect to a MySQL database and how to make the basic database-related operations: inserting new items, removing items or upda


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