Learn Salesforce in easy steps and get certified

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Learn Salesforce in easy steps and get certified!
This course should prepare you for Salesforce App Developer certification.

What you’ll learn

By the end of the course, you should be able to build an application using the declarative syntax.
Understand the high level requirements and translate that to an application on Salesforce
Build data model using objects, fields, relationships and validation rules
Build business logic using workflows & Approval Processes
Build UI using RecordTypes, PageLayouts, Tabs & Apps
Create Profiles and Permission Sets to control user access level
Setup security for records using Organisation wide dafaults
Create Users and assigning them to appropriate Profiles & Permission Sets. Manage Licenses
Build the sharing model using tools like Public groups, Sharing Rules, Manual Sharing and Role Hierarchy
Use the Data Loader tool to Import, Update, Delete & Export records
Use the Translation workbench to translate the app into other languages
Use the debug log
Use Data Management tools for Mass Updating records, Transferring Approval Requests
Use Auditing tools on the platform like Field History Tracking & Setup Audit Trail
Build reports and dashboards
Use the AppExchange Marketplace
Use the Salesforce IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
Deploy the application using Change Sets
Check the system downtimes and upcoming maintenance issues
Prepare you for the DEV 401 Certification Exam

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