Node.js Bootcamp Create Server-Side Apps with JS

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Node.js Bootcamp – Create Server-Side Apps with JS
Build Server-Side Apps with JavaScript

What you’ll learn

Understand the basics of Node js and how it works
Run your own HTTP server

This course is a great introduction to Node, going through the following topics:

  • Installing Node.js
  • What is the Node loop and how it works in order to perform non-blocking I/O operations
  • Installing and using third-party packages so you can benefit from the ever growing Node community
  • Requesting data from different API’s
  • Displaying HTML content to the client
  • Reading and handling CSV data
  • Handling different client requests
  • Reading from files
  • Writing to files

The course is structured in mini-projects that build upon each other, starting with the basics. Let’s see what you’ll be able to do when you finish this course!

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