Beginners guide to RPA Automation Anywhere

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Beginners guide to RPA – Automation Anywhere
Learn how RPA is revolutionizing today’s Businesses!

What you’ll learn

We have designed this course for those seeking to learn about RPA and build software robots. By the end of the course, you will learn to identify business processes for automation and understand the logic of building a software bot using features and functions of Automation Anywhere Enterprise, the world’s most deployed Digital Workforce Platform.


Robotic Process Automation or RPA is a game-changing technology that streamlines and automates repetitive tasks, and thereby minimizing errors to zero level and increasing productivity to a new level. The goal of this course is to help you see the big picture of RPA and prepare you for building software robots using Automation Anywhere, the global leader in Robotic Process Automation and the pioneers of the Digital Workforce.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who want to explore Robotic Process Automation technology
  • Learners who want to become familiar with the world’s most deployed Digital Workforce Platform Automation Anywhere
  • Learners who want to know about Bots and how they are generating value in modern enterprises
  • Learners who want to learn about how to create a bot
  • Students and Professionals who want to begin or advance their career in RPA.

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